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When considering new hardwood floors, you may have noticed lists full of features and certifications on the label for any given collection. Unfortunately, these labels tend to lack details on what those features do or how they’re beneficial. Here, we’ll briefly discuss a few of the most common. Some are proprietary, so they won’t be found on every hardwood floor. Others apply more generally to hardwood planks.

Engineered Planks

Distressed hardwood flooring in a living room loft

We’ve briefly discussed the difference between solid and engineered hardwood floors before, so we’ll just summarize it here. Engineered planks have a layered design that makes them more resilient to damage, moisture, and environmental changes than traditional solid planks.


Rustic hardwood flooring in a bedroom loftHardwood flooring finishes take many forms and are often give unique names by their manufacturers. In general, they enhance the longevity of wood planks and sometimes add a shine to the finish. They can also help prevent surface-layer scratches and scuffs. You may see different terms like “UV Curated” or “ScuffResist Platinum Finish ” from different manufacturers, but ultimately, they serve the same purpose.

Stable Core

Engineered hardwood flooring in a game room

As we discussed, engineered planks feature a multi-layer build. At the center of that build is a core designed to enhance stability.You’ll often see these labeled as “Stabilitek” or “SPC.” They each perform the same task of enhancing each plank, although they do so differently. For example, the SPC core provides the best protection against dents and moisture.

Attached Pad

Waterproof hardwood flooring in a kitchen

Some hardwood panels include padding that’s attached to the bottom. This offers more give with each step. Ultimately, it makes walking across the floor quieter and more comfortable.


Microbeveled hardwood flooring in a dining room

Some hardwood floors feature a slight 45-degree cut just along the edge. This is called a microbevel. It’s a mostly aesthetic feature and is often considered to add more style than square edges. Microbevel edges also help floors appear cleaner since they channel dirt, dust, and dander.

Greenguard Certification

Modern hardwood flooring in a bedroom

Some flooring (especially older floors) have a tendency to release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) over time. These emissions degrade indoor air quality and can be harmful to sensitive groups. The Greenguard Certification ensures that the floor in question has been rigorously tested to ensure that it does not release harmful emissions.

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Newer innovations mean that there are more considerations when purchasing new floors than ever. If you feel overwhelmed by the many options available, visit Plaistow’s top flooring experts at Rugs, Rolls, and More today!