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Benefits of Using Rugs and Runners on Hardwood Floors

By January 1, 1970Tips

Home Air Quality

Soft surface floors – and, by proxy, rugs – are often believed to aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms. The opposite is actually true: carpet and rugs can help improve indoor air quality. As dust and allergens settle, they fall flat on hardwood. These particles are easily kicked back into the air when a door opens or someone walks by. Dust and allergens become trapped when they fall into rug fibers.

More Comfortable

Rugs are softer to the touch. They offer more flexibility to absorb the impact of each step. Rugs are also much warmer than hardwood floors. This is especially useful during colder months when walking barefoot. If your rug covers a large enough area, it may even help improve the room’s R-value (a measure of its insulation). So, rugs can help improve the comfort of more than just your floors.

Sound Barrier

Soft surfaces are much quieter to walk on. Footsteps This makes area rugs especially useful for multi-story buildings. However, rugs do more than reduce the sound of footsteps. They can actually absorb sound traveling through the air, helping reduce echo and noises from TVs or stereos.

Aesthetic Appeal

Of course, there’s still the classic reason to decorate your hardwood floors with area rugs: it looks great. Rugs can create distinct areas within the same room. For example, your sofa, lounge chair and coffee table can be set as a distinct unit with a matching rug.

Rugs can also impact the perceived size of a room.