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Few things compliment the look of a staircase as well as a runner. But style is only the beginning: there are many benefits of stair runners, and some can help you save more money in the long run. We’ll cover a few of them here.


Tight spiral stairs using the Ciao runner

Few things can ruin a Saturday morning like a trip to the emergency room. While polished wood looks great, it’s a slippery surface for socks. Runners offer a safer surface along your home’s steepest grade. This is especially true for our furry friends, who often don’t know better when they’re excitedly running downstairs.


London Luxe stair rug

Stair runners typically compliment a step’s wood look, not replace it entirely. Ideally, runners flow down the center of your stairs while still allowing the wood to show along each side.

The result? Unique style options that don’t require strict uniformity. In fact, stair runners often include colors and patterns that contrast starkly with each step. Even better, the runner doesn’t necessarily have to match the flooring below; in fact, a unique design can set it apart.

Noise Reduction

What’s more noisy than hard surface flooring? Hard surface stairs. Runners help reduce the noise caused by stair traffic. The no shoes rule can also help, but that certainly isn’t a safer option for bare hard surface steps.

Added Protection

Patterned runner on a staircase

It’s much easier (and cheaper) to replace a stair runner than individual steps – specially if the banister connects to each step. Quality runners are designed to resist wear even with frequent traffic. And, of course, they protect stairs from scuffs, scratches and dents.

Below Grade Installations

Classy Cat Stairs

You might be thinking “This sounds great, but the only stairs in my home lead to the basement”. Traditionally, rugs and carpet haven’t been the top choice for below-grade installations.

However, more carpet options feature treatments that repel moisture and include backing that is completely waterproof. And with our custom rug service, we can cut any of our stylish waterproof carpet options into a stair runner.

Learn More

Stair runners are just as varied as carpet options. For expert guidance, visit Plaistow’s premier flooring experts at Rugs, Rolls and More today!