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Spring is a time of renewal, so it makes sense that we may want a freshly cleaned home to welcome the new season. However, there are a few reasons to begin cleaning your floors a little earlier. Here, we’ll briefly discuss a few reasons why winter just might be the best time to clean your carpet floors.

More Traffic

There’s a pretty good chance your home had a lot of traffic during the holidays.

Clean, pristine carpet offers a better first impression for your guests. It will also help remove odors from your home. So, it’s an essential step when preparing for gatherings with families and friends.

And after all of the family gatherings, there’s a pretty good chance that your carpet floors are dirtier than normal. Allowing that build up underneath the fibers can make them more difficult to clean, damage the fibers, and possibly even degrade indoor air quality.

Cleaning Up After The Crowds

Professional carpet cleaning

With more traffic comes an increase in dirty carpet. You can prevent a buildup of dirt and allergens by cleaning carpet between gatherings. You may even want to consider professional cleaning if you host larger parties frequently.

Even if you have mats at each entrance, snow can still mix with dirt, grime, and oils. So, floor mats can never completely prevent the mess from getting tracked into your home. This is especially problematic during social gatherings, when dirt and grime can build up in your carpet.

By cleaning up after large gatherings, you can prevent excessive buildups of dirt, dander and allergens. This will make it easier to keep your carpets clean when the spring cleaning season does set in. It will also help improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Faster Cleaning Times

Humidity levels tend to drop considerably during winter. As a result, carpet fibers release dirt more easily. Your cleaner will be in and out in no time!

However, we all know that the long part isn’t the cleaning itself, but the drying. Carpet floors take hours (sometimes even days) to dry. In the meantime, there’s not much you can do with that room. When humidity levels are lower, carpet dries faster.

Plus, everyone else tends to schedule their carpet cleanings during the spring cleaning season. They often book quickly, leaving you with no choice but to scheduled well in advance. During winter, their schedules are must more flexible – and some might even be willing to negotiate their price.

Air Quality

Between the colder days and earlier nights, we tend to spend more time indoors this time of the year. When cleaned properly, carpet floors can actually help filter your home’s air. But if cleaning is neglected, allergens can build up within the fibers, making it easier for them to get kicked into the air.

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