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Whether you have kids who love running around upstairs or a downstairs neighbor who complains that you’re too loud, there are more ways to soundproof flooring than most of us realize. And while it’s often better to get started during installation, it isn’t always necessary. Here are a few steps you can take to help make your home more soundproof, starting with its flooring.

Anti-sound Boards

Anti-sound boards can be installed along with (or, on occasion, in place of) your home’s subfloor. They are actually designed to lock sound out from passing down to or coming up from the area below. Just remember that there’s a broad selection of anti-sound boards to choose from, so the right selection will depend on the flooring you choose.


While it’s no surprise that carpet is/often regarded as the quietest flooring choice, there are some innovations that help it reduce sounds even further. For example, memory foam carpet cushion has taken the industry by storm. It’s an especially great choice for reducing noise on multi-level buildings (2 story homes, apartments, etc). As an added bonus, it’s also very comfortable.

Hard Surface Flooring

For all the benefits of hardwood flooring, they certainly make walking a much more audible experience. This proves true for the room, surrounding rooms and even direct sublevels. And then, there are other sources of noise, ranging from home drops to home theater subwoofers – not to mention the fact that sound echoes more easily from hard surface flooring. Here are a few ways to fix that.

Area Rugs

By adding area rugs and runners to high-traffic areas (such as entrances and hallways), you can easily reduce the sound of footsteps echoing throughout the room. As with carpet, rug pads are typically made of memory foam, meaning they’re also more comfortable. Most rug pads are designed to blend well underneath and can be customized to perfectly fit the rug.


The floor’s underlay can also be designed to reduce sound penetration. Cellulose fiberboard works particularly well, but there are many underlay choices that will get the job done. For example, the eco-conscious homeowner may opt for recycled rubber underlayment. Just be sure to mention this when inquiring with a flooring professional (like those you’ll find at Rugs, Rolls and More).

Added Benefit

There’s another benefit to several of the tips listed here: they may also better insulate your home! Memory foam cushions for carpet will naturally improve your home’s insulation, as will the thicker underlay for hard surface floors. Obviously, this means a more comfortable living space with lower utility costs.

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